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Portfolio Companies and Projects

Giving Entrepreneurs, Organizations, and Communities Access to
Affordable Capital Accelerates Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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EV Charger Device
Blue Planet
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Climate Tech Finance loan guarantees have accelerated multiple zero-emission technologies, including the commercialization of a hydrogen fuel cell ferry, software-enabled solar battery microgrids at municipal facilities, and an electric vehicle software solution. These projects are forecast to eliminate tens of thousands of metric tons of CO2 emissions over the next five years, create scores of new jobs, increase resiliency of the electrical grid, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Loans Amount


GHG emissions prevented

2.55M MT

Jobs Created


Following are some of the businesses we’ve supported to date.


BlocPower is an energy technology startup that develops healthier, greener, and smarter buildings by leveraging advanced technologies, innovative electrification equipment, and structured finance.

Electriq Power provides smart home energy solutions. The company combines world-class battery and power electronics technology with its proprietary firmware and software to provide behind-the-meter energy storage solutions in single-family homes.

Gridscape Solutions develops cost-effective, small to mid-size renewable energy microgrids to help communities manage system-wide power outages, which occur with increasing frequency across California and other Western states. Learn more about how Climate Tech Finance helped Gridscape Solutions to secure a loan that enabled the company to quadruple in size, create 25 new jobs, and scale output sufficient to reduce local CO2 emissions by 2,100 tons annually.

Imperial Electric Services offers services in the Central Valley for remodels, solar energy, design-build tenant improvements, retrofits, site work such as underground power utility infrastructure, site lighting, distribution, excavation, and installations of EVCS. Learn more about how Climate Tech Finance helped Imperial Electric Services secure a $450,000 loan from Community Vision Capital and Consulting, enabling the company to scale up, create 10 new jobs, and install EV changing stations and solar panels throughout California.

OhmConnect is a software platform and an aggregator of electricity system residential demand-response that allow for real-time, predictable, automated, and large-scale reductions in electricity demand across the grid.

King Solarman provides customizable, affordable and industry leading solar panels, solar inverters, solar mountings systems that replace the existing mobile light towers and surveillance/monitoring stations powered by diesel generators. Learn more about how the Air District supported the replacement of loud and aging diesel generators. is an Oakland based energy efficiency company that support local communities in the transition to clean energy through energy saving building improvements.

Silverback Data Center Solutions has developed a rear door heat exchanger (RDHx) that replaces traditional computer room air handling (CRAH) approaches in high-performance data centers. Especially relevant for machine learning and other high-intensity computing that’s on the rise in education, defense, and commercial settings, RDHx has been shown to reduce data center cooling power requirements by up to 75%.

UCAP Power is a global provider of ultracapacitor-based power solutions across a wide range of renewable markets. Ultracapacitor systems use sustainable based products offering a long-lasting source of reliable high-power energy storage that can help eliminate lead-acid and other hazardous materials in batteries. Learn more about how UCAP contributes to clean energy in the Bay Area.


EvGateway is an electric vehicle solutions management company focused on accelerating the adoption and use of electric vehicles by making them easier to use. Their software portfolio enables operators of electric vehicle chargers to manage and operate their chargers, and consumers to locate and reserve available charges.

EV Life is building a fintech platform to facilitate EV Climate Loans, that enables car buyers to finance thousands of dollars in government EV incentives - making EV loan payments cheaper than gas vehicles and affordable for the mass market.

Flux provides affordable access to EVs for those who might not consider an EV due to cost or limited financed options. They employ a 'total-cost of ownership' underwriting approach rooted in the belief that the reduced operating costs and increased reliability of an EV will markedly improve many low- and moderate-income Californians’ economic wherewithal.

Intertie has developed a modular, smart grid solution, the EV ChargePodTM, that advances California’s “Grid of the Future” by simultaneously delivering super-fast EV charging, intelligent storage, solar integration, energy management, and grid services while increasing grid reliability and efficiency and adding value to the underlying real estate.

SWITCH Maritime is constructing the first zero-emission electric ferry, which will soon begin operating on San Francisco Bay. Learn more about how Climate Tech Finance helped SWITCH Maritime secure a $5 million loan from KeyBank, enabling the company to create 63 new jobs to ready the ferry for commercial service.

Circular Economy

Blue Planet has developed technology that uses CO2 as a raw material for making carbonate rocks, which are used in place of natural limestone, the principal component of concrete. Extremely efficient and lower in cost than traditional methods of CO2 capture, Blue Planet’s technology is being used to sequester large quantities of CO2 from a North Bay gas-fired power plant, and to distribute aggregate produced from CO2 and concrete recycling, making it one of the most significant CO2 reduction measures in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pacific Biochar leverages existing biomass power plants for biochar production, making for an approach that is cost efficient and quick to scale. Their initial focus in California is in areas surrounded by forests designated as high fire hazard.

Climate Advocacy

The Climate Center focuses on influencing local governments to prioritize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It has helped promote community microgrids, encouraged clean/fossil-free vehicles and mobility, and advocated for soil carbon sequestration programs.


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