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De-Risking Lending to Innovative Climate Tech Businesses


Partner with Climate Tech Finance to de-risk the process of lending to high-growth, high-impact clean technology ventures

Even with the availability of federal infrastructure and climate funding, startups developing emission-reducing technologies need access to capital today so they can bring urgently needed climate solutions to market. This presents unprecedented opportunities for commercial and community banks.

To de-risk the process of lending to innovative climate tech businesses, Climate Tech Finance, in partnership with the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank), combines expertise in climate technology, lending, and economic development and underwrites loans issued by community and commercial banks in support of greenhouse gas emission-reducing technology development and adoption. 

How It Works

Climate Tech Finance actively invites loan applications from qualified climate tech startups

Supporting loans of up to


Issuing loan guarantees of up to

$5M or 80%

of the loan amount

For terms of up to

7 years

The loan origination process begins when a private or nonprofit climate technology organization submits an application to Climate Tech Finance. The Climate Tech Finance team evaluates the application materials, conducts an impact evaluation of the technology, and prepares forecasts of greenhouse gas emission reductions and social equity impacts.

When an application is approved, Climate Tech Finance submits it to IBank and logs it at the State Treasurer’s Office. Next, the FDC matches the borrower to a lender participating in the loan guarantee program. Upon the lender’s approval of the loan (subject to the guarantee), the guarantee is underwritten and processed. 

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