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Working Capital for Business Growth


Let Climate Tech Finance Help You Find Affordable Working Capital to Scale Your Business

Even with the availability of federal infrastructure and climate funding on the horizon, startups developing advanced energy systems and other emission-reducing technologies need access to capital today so they can bring urgently needed climate solutions to businesses and communities.

Venture and private equity funding are options, yet the need for working capital greatly exceeds the supply of this sort of capital. Commercial and community banks can help, except that many of them lack the climate tech industry expertise, business models, and risk assessment tools they’d need to evaluate new climate technology ventures.

To bridge this gap, Climate Tech Finance, in partnership with the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank), offers loan guarantees of up to $2.5M or 90% to de-risk the lending process for banks and open up new sources of capital for climate tech entrepreneurs.

How It Works

We’ve designed the process to be straightforward, quick, and easy. In most cases, funding is available within one to three months.

1. If you’re a climate tech entrepreneur, begin by speaking with the Climate Tech Finance team.

2. Submit an application, along with financial information including a business plan summary, balance sheets and income statements, tax returns, and financial projections.

3. The Climate Tech Finance team reviews financials, evaluates your technology, prepares forecasts of greenhouse gas emission reductions, and determines the technology’s social equity impacts.

4. Once your application is complete, Climate Tech Finance submits it to IBank to log it at the State Treasurer’s Office.

5. You’ll be matched with the best lender among those participating in the loan guarantee program.

6. As soon as the lender has approved your loan, the guarantee is underwritten and processed, and funds are transferred to you.

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